Pini Zahavi: An Israeli Super-Agent Is Currently Working With Bundesliga’s Elite Player Robert Lewandowski

Football super-agent Pini Zahavi who is currently working with elite player Robert Lewandowski is one of the most famous football managers in the world. Rightfully so.

Robert Lewandowski, an incredibly great and talented football player dropped a hint for the journalist and the fans. He met with Pini Zahavi not long ago probably to talk about his future in the football business. Because Robert chose Pini as his agent, Chelsea and Real Madrid fans can expect his transfer with one of these clubs.

Robert Lewandowski is an incredibly successful football player.

Now a bit of history. Pini Zahavi began working worldwide after he found out that negotiating deals is the right job for him and he had the pleasure to negotiate a deal for a very famous and successful football player, Rio Ferdinand. It was a record-breaking deal back then. It all started when Rio was transferred to Leeds United for a back then record fee of £18 million. It’s not a lot now but it was then. That was the first time Pini managed to break the record.

Pini Zahavi

The second time he managed such an accomplishment was just two years later when he negotiated a transfer for the same man, Rio Ferdinand. Manchester United bought Rio for an astonishing £30 million and that number made Rio the most expensive English player back then for the second time.

Rio Ferdinand who spent 12 years playing as a center back for Manchester United had a really successful career. Rio had a great performance in all 312 games he played for Manchester and when he left everybody was disappointed because the team lost a very important player.

Rio Ferdinand was a great football player and his career at Manchester United has been amazing.

Pini is also known for being involved in the change of ownership of Chelsea and Portsmouth. He also co-owns a media company that broadcasts many major sports in Israel and holds actions of one of the best motorsport teams in Argentina, HAZ Racing Team.