Sam Cannon: A Head Of Music At Formula E Whose Work Is To Combine The Entertainment And The Formula E’s Events

This season’s Formula E events are already happening all over the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a race event or a music event because all of them are great, but we were a little curious about how does it work to take care of all the music. Fortunately, we’ve found the right man who’s in the business for a long time.

Meet Sam Cannon – a Head of Music at Formula E whose work is to combine the entertainment and the Formula E’s races. He’s got to take care of everything that is important when it comes to partying and he’s great at it.

“Our aim has always been to mix motorsport with music, appealing to a new generation of fans. Formula E is the entertainment of the future, and to include these fantastic solo artists and bands is an absolute pleasure. We hope we can give them that little injection they need to get their music out there on a worldwide scale,” says Sam Cannon.

Sam Cannon’s latest plan is to support the live performances of the rising stars of the future – the bands and artists who are not very famous today but may become later. How is he going to achieve it? With the help of the Formula E, there will be an EP released which will feature a track from all the acts.

The EP will be available to download and stream on Spotify, iTunes and many other apps from July 1. Don’t forget to check it out, it will be worth it.