Meet Tammy Hembrow. Successful Businesswoman Who Inspires World To Be Healthy And Fit

If you have not heard of Tammy Hembrow yet (which we honestly doubt), you should look her up on Instagram and follow ASAP. Tammy is a successful social media businesswoman who builds her career by sharing inspirational fitness and lifestyle posts. Currently, she owns her own fitness and health brand of work out programs that helped millions of women out there to get back in shape and build their confidence. Tammy also collaborates with many other fitness brands by being a brand ambassador. On top of managing her social media worth more than 8 million followers, Tammy is a full-time mom to two adorable kids. When it comes to balancing the best of both worlds, a successful career and a happy family life, Tammy is undoubtedly a pro from whom we should definitely learn more.

Q: You have managed to build your career on sharing inspirational health and fitness posts on Instagram. Since then you have become a great inspiration to millions of women out there. What do you think is the main reason behind your success?

I attribute my success to my online community. There are so many supportive people out there and to this day I’m amazed at how strong my community is and the platform that they have awarded me. I’m honestly not too sure how my community grew to what it is now, I just focus on sharing my experiences with others. I think there many different facets that people can relate to. It’s important to me that people understand where hard work can get you. I also think I help break down that stigma around young mums. I want to show people that you can be successful and your best self with hard work.

Q: Instagram users all over the world fell in love with your amazing work out programs and routines that enabled you to build an enormously successful fitness brand. Could you maybe tell our readers a little bit more about the brand itself? What motivated you the most in the founding of it?

I saw that there was a demand in the market so I decided to start my first business. Feedback from my customers has been the most rewarding part, it has pushed me to want to provide more value to them. This is why I have my app launching this year that I think my fitness community will really love. The brand itself focusses on women supporting women and being the best you can personally be to achieve your goals. This applies to both inner and physical strength.

Q: Becoming such a strong businesswoman working on so many different projects like you is an aspiration for many. What do you consider is your greatest professional achievement(s) so far?

I think my greatest professional achievement so far is my app. It’s been a massive undertaking, and definitely my biggest investment. I really wanted to create something that I personally feel is of value. I’ve been using it myself and can’t wait to hear what people think. It’s one of those things that will continue to evolve with feedback and time. I have so many plans for it beyond the initial offering.

Q: Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be sometimes really demanding. What are some of your go-to healthy lifestyle/fitness regiments you opt for when you are in a rush or having a lazy day?

I honestly try my best to manage my time and plan but being a mum you know that sometimes planning goes out the window. When I can’t make it to the gym I like to get in one of my home workouts, or a HIIT workout. I know that for me if I workout I feel much better than if I don’t. Of course, there are days when it’s not possible and on those days it’s okay.

Q: Your social media popularity is not only present on Instagram but also a YouTube where you often share a very personal content from your and your family’s life. What made you decide to start filming YouTube videos? What is the kind of content you prefer to share with your subscribers the most and why?

I love YouTube because it shows different sides of me and my family. Like me without makeup, or when Wolf is throwing a tantrum. Instagram is just one portrayal of my life. My vlogs are rawer, I get to show a little more of myself that you wouldn’t see in a photo and you get to see more of my personality. Don’t get me wrong YouTube is also a portrayal of my life, you will never get the full story for example when my kids are sick and I’ve been up all night with them, but it does give you more of a sneak peak.

Q: As an owner of your own fashion brand you get to design womenswear that is currently the ‘’hot stuff’’ on the Instagram. What is the main vibe of your clothing brand? Where do you get the inspiration for your collections?

I have always had an interest in fashion and fitness and bringing the two together has been a dream of mine. I wanted to give the market a taste of what I would want to wear myself and they seem to like it! The brand is really a reflection of my style.

Q: Large social media exposure can in spite of many perks also bring a lot of negativity and criticism. How do you deal with the negative energy online? Does it even ever get to you at this point?

I mostly try not to pay attention to it, especially when it’s so left field and it doesn’t really have anything to do with personally. Sometimes it hits a nerve and I used to block those people. Now I just leave them because the positive comments outweigh the negative. I think with there being a spotlight on the increase of online bullying it’s important for people to think before they post attacking someone, often I feel that they might be struggling with something internally and using it as a way to lash out. I think it’s important people remember that there is a person on both sides, and nobody knows exactly what someone is going through.


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Q: You are only 24 years old and already a mommy to two precious little kids Wolf and Saskia. In what way did motherhood change you? And what were some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome as a young mom?

It’s really hard with two kids and two businesses. I’m still trying to work it out myself and find the right balance because I’m constantly wanting to be at home with my kids and give them all of me but I also want to give all of myself to my companies so they can be successful. One big thing I have learned is to delegate. I can’t do everything on my own and I have come to terms with that being okay. Being a working mum is trial and error and I’m still figuring it out.

Q: Being such a successful businesswoman as you must also definitely take a toll on your private life. How do you manage to find a balance between such a busy schedule and living a family life?

Having a good support system. I think many people can relate to when things get too much, or when life seems to be moving too fast. I have a great support system with me along the way. They keep me grounded and offer sound advice when it’s needed.

Q: Do you have at the moment any future career or family related plans that you could / would like to share with us?

We have lots of exciting things happening this year, the launch of my app, Saski Collections 1st birthday and the exciting opportunity of Saski Collection showcasing at NYFW 2018. I sometimes have to remind myself to stop and take it all in.