The New 2018 BMW M5 Is Astounding The Car World With New Features And A Performance That Might Overtake Even A Supercar!

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Since the first BMW M5 that came out in 1984, the special 5-series climbed to the heaven of success really quickly. It became a favorite choice of many car lovers, especially the ones who enjoy a hard-to-defeat performance and a design that cannot be overlooked.

This year’s M5 prepared for us something that hasn’t been seen before. All the previous 5-series were known for being rear-wheel-drive but this year’s model ends the RWD chain. Why? Because this one has gone all-wheel-drive on us! All of you who loved the rear-wheel feature, do not worry. The brand’s got that figured out too! The system in the car allows you to change to rear-wheel but that’s recommended mostly for the track use purposes. The hardest acceleration is possible with the AWD engaged.

Talking about acceleration… The New M5 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. That’s really great competition for other sports cars and even some supercars! You should be thanking the astonishing 4.4-litre V8 that provides the new M5 with the power of 600 horsepower.

The matter of course is the fact that the new M5 is lighter than its predecessor thanks to the amount of aluminum in its construction. At 1855 kilograms the car is still pretty heavy but when you compare it to the car it replaces there is a significant change for the better.

For some people, the new M5 may look a bit boring but let me be clear about one thing. It’s not. It doesn’t look very wild but that’s what beautiful about it. The simplicity it offers.

Believe me, when you’ll see this best in a drag race, you will know what a real power is.