Meet Melissia Rene: An Owner Of Devanna Love Boutique, A Motivational Speaker And Floyd Mayweather’s Biggest Fan

Melissia Rene is a successful businesswoman who knows exactly what’s happening in the fashion industry. She is an owner of a boutique and salon called Devanna Love Boutique & Beauty Bar and her customers are always leaving the store with a smile on their faces.

But she’s not only successful in the fashion. Melissia is also known for being a great motivational speaker and for supporting Floyd Mayweather’s brand TMT.

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We’ve managed to get in contact with this woman and she told us a lot of interesting things about her career or life.

Q: Hi there! All of us already know you are an owner of a successful boutique and salon named Devanna Love Boutique & Beauty Bar. Would you like to tell us the story behind this business? How did you come to the idea of starting in the beauty industry?

I came up with the business because of my love for fashion and love to get dolled up. I feel like every woman feels a certain way when they put on that one outfit and look in the mirror and say “Damn I look good!” (smile). It started as just a clothing boutique, but once I found my location and started my build out, I had room to incorporate something else within the boutique so I made a private salon in the back that I eventually turned into a nail bar. I got the name of my boutique ‘Devanna’ from combining my son and daughter’s names together, Devion and Iyanna.

Q: How is the business going right now? Is it working out just like you expected or is it even better?

My business is still doing really well. I switched my location because I noticed myself doing more online sales than in-store sales. With the technology we have today to shop online and not have to leave the house I find more customer shopping that way for convenience. So I have a boutique showroom which my customers still have the option to come in, try clothes on and shop in-store. I would say it’s doing somewhat better the way I have the business running now.

Q: Are you planning to expand further into the world? If yes, what are your plans?

I would love to expand and go globally with my business. I would love to see Devanna Love Boutique in some other countries, I think that would be amazing!

Q: Except owning the boutique/salon, you are also a motivational speaker. We all know what it means, but how exactly are you motivating people? What are you telling them?

As far as being a motivational speaker I just like to speak to women and let them know how strong, powerful and beautiful we all are. I want all women to feel confident in who they are. God is creating all of us different and that’s the beauty in it – we may all look different, be shaped differently, but there’s only one YOU so love who you are, take pride in who you are and learn to appreciate who you are every day.

Q: People are whispering for a long time that you have a great relationship with Floyd Mayweather. We are really glad to hear it! What was it like for you to watch the surreal fight of Floyd and Conor?

Floyd and I are definitely great friends and we co-parent amazingly together. I do go to all the fights and watching any fight is very difficult because you never want to see the person you love or even their opponent get hurt. It’s a sport though so I definitely get excited and my adrenaline is rushing the whole bout. I wasn’t very nervous about the Connor McGregor fight. Floyd looked very relaxed and once he got in his zone I knew it was over.

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Q: Were you proud after the end of the fight? What were your emotions when Floyd won?

I’m always proud of Floyd after his bouts. He’s won 50 and lost 0 so he accomplished something no fighter has ever done and that made me very happy for him, he’s legendary.

Q: You also know a lot about fashion. You were there when the TMT brand started growing and you still are. How does the work with TMT fulfill you?

The TMT brand is, of course, Floyd’s brand and I do carry it in my boutique. It became a brand that you see all over the world and I’m inspired by what he has done with TMT and I plan to create my own line and brand and I hope for just as much success.

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We would like to thank you, Mellisia, for spending your time to answer our questions. We hope you’ve had a great time doing so and we wish you many amazing accomplishments in the future.

Be sure to check out the online store of her boutique, you will definitely find something you’ll love! Do not forget about her Instagram too, she is posting a lot of great posts all the time.