Royal Residence Of Balmoral Scotland. Live Like King Or Queen (At Least For a Weekend)

There are loads of hotels in the world that promise you the royal experience, but the reality is, none of them can truly be as same as the place where the royal family actually stays.

The grand grounds of Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth II’s Scottish castle, are absolutely amazing. Balmoral has been one of the residences for members of the British Royal Family since 1852 when the estate and its original castle were purchased privately by Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria.

Balmoral Castle today.

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Though called a castle, Balmoral’s primary function is that of a country house. It is a “typical and rather ordinary” country house from the Victorian period. The tower and “pepper pot turrets” are characteristic features of the residence’s Scottish Baronial style.

Now you can spend a night, a week, or whatever time you want in here. And whats more, you can purchase the same apartment as the Queen herself! Whether you’re a royalist, a history buff, or just looking for a taste of aristocratic life, here’s a royal residence that any commoner can stay in and feel like a king.