James Corden And Shawn Mendes Had An Epic Cover Song Battle In Corden’s Late Late Show!

Everyone knows that James Corden is an amazing comedian and television host. He is proving us all that by entertaining millions of people around the world every week. How? The Late Late Show he is hosting is always bringing us something new and funny. This Wednesday, James made up something that is not going to be forgotten for a very long time.

In Wednesday’s episode, James had a special guest the whole world loves. Shawn Mendes! Every time there is someone special like Mendes, it’s amazing. They proved that once again by having a cover song battle. Yup, James Corden battled the world’s famous Shawn Mendes and the battle really interesting… and funny.

These two legends know how to entertain people.

The whole ‘thing’ happened in a metro, in which James was street performing. After a while, Shawn came to the same place to do the same thing. Of course, that didn’t work out and they started arguing.

I’ve been here since 6 a.m., okay? So, you and whatever this is can go somewhere else,” James said. Obviously, Shawn didn’t give up: “This is my spot. I’m not leaving, man.

Then, the battle started. See it for yourself, believe me, you will enjoy it.


Like I said earlier, James Corden is an amazing comedian and we are already looking forward to the next thing he will prepare for us.