Barry Silkman: A Football Agent Who Found His Talent In Managing Other Players

Barry Silkman was an English football player who played for many English football clubs. In the 1990s he became an agent and that was when he found out that he’s really good at managing other players.

Barry Silkman was not an ordinary agent. He always knew what he was doing and it always worked out the way he wanted to.

He is ranked as one of the best and most influential agents in the football history. So, how did his agent career look?

Silkman was as his best during summer transfers and he did a lot of great work back then. In 2003, he made over £1 million just because of the summer transfers I’ve mentioned. Thanks to him, a Cameroonian football player Geremi has been transferred from La Liga’s Real Madrid to Premier League’s Chelsea for an astonishing £7 million. It’s not a lot now when it comes to transfers but it was a lot then.

Geremi has been in Chelsea’s team for 4 years and then left for another Premier League’s club, Newcastle United. Today, this versatile player is not playing football anymore but back then, he had a successful career.

Geremi at the time when he was playing for Real Madrid.

Chelsea have been good for the transfer market. They wanted Damien Duff, and with some of the money Chelsea spent, Blackburn bought Steven Reid, and that has left Millwall with cash. So the money is filtering through. At the same time, Chelsea has sparked clubs into action. Maybe they had been leaving money aside for a rainy day, now they are not reining in so much. They were also waiting to see what happened with the TV deal. As long as clubs are sensible, they will be OK. Look at Southampton, they now have £5m – £6m to spend,” Silkman said back in 2003.

He thought that without Chelsea, the whole transfer market would have been dead. If he was right or was not, we can’t say. It’s up to all of you to make an opinion on what he thought.

Silkman wasn’t just a casual agent. He was special, mostly thanks to his ideas and opinions he shared with the football world.

Silkman says that the football has changed from a sport to a business. Is it true? Make your own opinion on that one.

If you go to an estate agent for a rental property he will take 10%. But that is all that clubs are doing when they buy players… They are renting them, for four or five years of the contract. You never own the player. Yet if a football agent asks for 10% he is accused of being a villain or a thief. But what about the chairman who buys a player for £1m and then two years later asks for £15m,” he said.

Everyone is good at something and it’s only up to you to find out what that ‘something’ is. Barry Silkman found it out and it worked out great for him and his career.