Ariana Grande’s Unexpected Secret Engagement

The latest rumor swirling Hollywood has it that the pop singer Ariana Grande got secretly engaged to her newest boyfriend of only a couple of weeks, actor and comedian Pete Davidson. Even though the couple got together very recently, both Ariana and Pete have been going really strong.

feel the love

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According to the source close to the couple, both have been happily spreading the news to their family and friends. Apparently, they quickly fell head over heels for each other and seen no objections to getting engaged this soon in their relationship.

the chamber of secrets has been opened …

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The news comes as a little bit of a shock to Ariana’s fanbase since her split from long-term boyfriend rapper Mac Miller happened very recently, back in May. However, it seems that Pete makes Ariana extremely happy and to that, there can be no objections.

i thought u into my life 💭 woah ! look at my mind 💡⚡️🙈

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Neither Ariana’s nor Pete’s reps have confirmed anything yet. For now, we will just have to wait and see until the official announcement makes its way out.