David Beckham Got A Lot Of Presents From His Family For The Occasion Of The Father’s Day

Today is the big day for fathers around the world. If you don’t know what’s up, let us tell you. 17th of June is date known for the occasion of the Father’s Day – a day when families celebrate the man of the family who is a father. Celebrities have this day marked in their calendars too, after all, they are also only human. One of the most known families in the celebrity industry, the Beckhams celebrated Father’s Day by giving David Beckham a lot of exclusive and cute presents and cards.

David’s wife Victoria Beckham has given him a title of the best daddy in the world and we are sure that made him happy. He also got a cute cup, on which “DADDY” is written.

He also got a ton of cute cards and something special. Something you have to see for yourself.

For the occasion of the Father’s Day, David posted on Instagram a post in which he is saying what does it mean to be a father.

“Happy Father’s Day dad and to all the fathers out there. Being a parent is the most special and the most rewarding role you could ever have, so cherish every single moment,” he wrote in the caption.

David also posted a short video, in which he is giving a huge support to UNICEF.

Of course, Victoria couldn’t miss the opportunity to post a photo of her father!

We would like to wish everyone happy Father’s Day! Celebrate this special day to the fullest, after all, it’s not every day.