Harper Beckham Wrote The Sweetest Father’s Day Wish To Her Dad David Beckham

Little Harper Beckham, who will turn 7 this July, wrote an absolute and sweetest Father’s Day note her father David.

Harper’s letter read: “Thank you, Daddy, for being kind and helpful, for helping me snowboard and do tricks, for helping me with my tricky homework, and for helping me paint pretty pictures.” She continued: “Thank you for all the fun we have together, for hugging me until I almost burst, for playing football with me and for going to Smiggle with me.”

She even made a little fun of her dad, for being goofy as he is: “Thank you, Daddy, for making me laugh, for playing the hand wrestle game, for telling me funny jokes and for playing silly pranks on me.” She ended the note with the most moving words. Harper is officially the sweetest kid: “Thank you, Daddy, for being you, for loving me with all your heart, for tickling me in bed and for taking care of me.”

I think everyone now starts’s being jealous of Beckham family. david truly has a loving lot around himself. His wife Victoria wished him well too and wrote: “Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy in the world! We all love you so much. So many kisses from us all.”