Prepare Yourselves For The Michael Jackson Musical That Will Come To Broadway In 2020!

Michael Jackson known also as the “King of Pop” is an artist I don’t even need to present to you, because you must know who he is. You’ve definitely heard some of his hit songs which were ranked at number one in many charts and will never be forgotten. Michael Jackson stands behind the popular culture and lifestyle many people have thanks to his music, dance, and fashion style.

His dance moves were something huge back then and they still are popular today.

For all of you who loved this talented artist, we’ve got a great news! The Michael Jackson Estate and Columbia Live Stage are developing a stage production that is based on Jackson’s life. Lynn Nottage, an award-winning playwright is the woman who will write the musical and an English international choreographer Christopher Wheeldon will be the one who will direct and choreograph the whole show. We are already hyped for this musical to come out and you should be too!

Lynn Nottage
Christopher Wheeldon

The name of the musical is not known yet and not known is also the date when they will reveal the name, so we must be patient. The musical is supposed to come out in 2020, that’s when it will be 11 years since the superstar’s death.

It’s so great to hear that the world is not forgetting the ones who made a significant change to the culture we now know. We are already waiting for the day when there will be a ton of posters and billboards which will tell us when exactly we will be able to experience the Broadway musical. We can’t wait for it to happen!