Beautiful Yacht, Great Music and Unforgettable Experience. Take a Look Inside The “White” Party Organized By Morley Yachts

Monaco is a small but wonderful state where one can be always amazed by what’s there to see. Whether it is a golden Ferrari on the road, the nightlife or the events. Nobody can ever be bored while staying there.

We had a pleasure to be invited to a party that took place on a yacht you already know – Christina O. It carried a name “White” and it was organized by Morley Yachts. And let’s just say – those people know how to make their guests happy!

The food they’ve served there was just…unbelievably amazing!

There were approximately 120 guests on board (including the owner of the yacht) and these guests were not just an ordinary people. Most of those, who visited the party were the leading yacht brokers in the world. Of course, a professional DJ was not an exception and the visitors loved him!

The DJ knew exactly what hit songs to play!

Because it was organized by Morley Yachts, the leaders of the company couldn’t miss such an evening. Tim Morley, David Jakabovic, and Lisa Airasca enjoyed the evening to the fullest.

Tim Morley (on left) with David Jakabovic and their co-worker Lisa Airasca.

This party has happened for the second time now. Last year, it has achieved a lot of success and people loved it. And due to the huge success, it is starting to be a tradition.

We are already looking for 2019!