Big Surprise! Star Wars Story Spin-offs Are At Hold

We got some exclusive news about Star Wars Spinoffs movies, which you may or may not like. Because of “average” box office performance of Solo: Star Wars Story – $339.5 million in four weeks, which is a set back for a Star Wars film, Disney decided to put all of the spinoffs at hold.

That means the planned Obi-wan movie and Boba Fett are not going to be seen in the foreseeable future. This may be hard for some fans who liked the Star Wars Story movies better than the new trilogy.

But some voices of the crowd say that we are overwhelmed by Star Wars movies and that the exclusivity of the franchise should lie in waiting and longing for the new movie, not to see a Star Wars movie every year.

“Quality over quantity”, that’s what some people say, what is something that everyone agrees on but with the upcoming yet another trilogy and that the decision comes from low box office sales and not from looking at the screenplay on its own, is it something that Disney agrees with as well?