Taste One Of The Best Japanese Whiskey’s: Karuizawa Emerald Geishas

What a treat! Following the hugely popular release of the Karuizawa Golden Geishas by the Whisky Exchange, yet another set of exciting casks was released this year – the Emerald Geishas.  One of the bottlings was a 33-Year-Old sherry cask. At 54.4% ABV, the cask yielded just 170 bottles. The second was a 35-Year-Old bourbon cask. Bottled at 59.1%, it yielded 265 bottles.

The Whisky Exchange released the bottles via a ballot that took place during the beginning of February. Japanese whiskey retailer, Dekanta, did the same for their Karuizawa – The Cities of Japan release.

Demand for Karuizawa whiskey is immeasurable and the price is no object for collectors. The Whisky Exchange ballot was put in place to make the allocation fair.

Needless to say, the bottles vanished instantly as collectors the world over added yet another magnificent bottling to their collection. A great investment, as the Whisky Exchange’s Karuizawa casks are said to be some of the best out there.

Are you the lucky owner of this amazing bottle?