Shoes For Days. Gregory Parkinson And George Esquivel Handmade Loafers For Summer

Gregory Parkinson, LA-based master of prints, channels his passion for prints and textiles into a successful home range. In lieu of his former watercolor florals, his new obsession is Indian block printing: He works with a team of artisans in Calcutta to make every piece by hand, so each is one of a kind. For those unfamiliar with the technique, it’s somewhat self-explanatory. Large wooden blocks are hand-carved with specific designs, dipped into dyes, and stamped onto cotton, canvas, or silk row by row to create a repeat pattern.

An appreciation for the handmade is something Parkinson has in common with fellow Los Angeles designer and friend George Esquivel. Their new capsule is arriving just in time for summer and combines both designers’ signatures: Parkinson’s block-printed canvases translated to Esquivel’s classic, hand-stitched loafers, and oxfords.

Parkinson worked with his team in Calcutta to create 20 unique prints in supercharged colors, and they appear on four shoe styles. Each pair starts at $600 and will be made to order via trunk shows. See Parkinson’s Instagram below to know where to buy this summer must-have.