Meet Victoria Lopyreva: Russia’s beautiful FIFA World Cup 2018 Ambassador

Her beauty earned her the Miss Russia title in 2003, the gate to success opened and her career has been going from strength to strength ever since. Today she is Ambassador for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia and she’s proud of it.

What does it mean to be an ambassador? What does the role entail? You surely have a lot of questions and we have them covered. Our team was fortunate enough to interview this successful and stunning woman, we’re giving you the chance to get to know her and to learn a little more about the most popular sport of all time – football.

Q: You are an official ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. What is the story behind this achievement?

Shortly after I became Miss Russia, I was approached about co-hosting a TV programme on football. The formula for a pretty girl talking about football was tried-and-tested in other countries but new to Russia and an instant hit. I immersed myself in the subject and have been invited back every year since so I have quite a history with the sport, making me a fairly obvious choice of candidate for the FIFA World Cup 2018 Ambassador role.

Вчера в моем родном Ростове-на-Дону впервые играли на новеньком стадионе 🏟, построенном к Чемпионату мира 2018 @fifaworldcup ⚽️. Важное событие для всех ростовчан и, конечно, меня самой – я внимательно следила за строительством арены на Левом берегу Дона. Команда ФК Ростов @fcrostov не подвела, 2:0 в матче с СКА-Хабаровск 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Поздравляю от всей души! #РостовМойГород #061 / WorldCup stadium Rostov Arena hosted its first football match yesterday: FC Rostov beat FC SKA-Khabarovsk 2:0 in action ✊🏽 On 17th June @cbf_futebol 🇧🇷 face @nationalteams_sfvasf 🇨🇭 here in their opening #WorldCup tie 🇷🇺V

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Q: When was the offer to be an ambassador made and when did you say ‘yes’?

The offer came in September 2015 and I jumped at the chance as I thought it was such an exciting opportunity to represent and promote my country around the world.

Q: Is this ambassador role as you expected it to be?

Being an ambassador is hard work, especially if you take it as seriously as I do. Actually, it is even more rewarding than I imagined it would be. Not only do I get to promote by my two passions: my country and football but I also make new discoveries on the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola. The welcomes worldwide were so warm; it’s great to be able to return the hospitality at last.

Для меня большая честь и ответственность представлять свою страну 🇷🇺 всему миру и быть первой женщиной за всю историю компании ФИФА @fifaworldcup , которая сопровождает Трофи Тур @trophytour по всему миру! 🌎Именно здесь, в Китае🇨🇳, я ещё раз убедилась в том, что футбол⚽️ – это универсальный язык, который понимают все люди,увлекающиеся этим, самым популярным в мире☝🏽, видом спорта. Футбол объединяет людей и стирает все границы! Надеюсь, что наши китайские гости получат такое же удовольствие от посещения Чемпионата Мира 2018, какое мы получили от пребывания в Шанхае, и это зависит от каждого из нас! До встречи, друзья! V ❤️Кстати, мама сегодня напомнила, что мои бабушка и дедушка жили и работали в Китае; точнее – работал только дедушка)) Выходит, отдуваюсь за красавицу бабушку Клару💃🏼на которую, кстати, очень похожа, что мне очень приятно)) да, мамулик? @lo_rina 😘😘😘V

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Q: As ambassador, your goal is to promote your hometown, country and the ideals of the sport as a whole. How exactly have you been doing this?

I always dreamed that Russia would be a more open country and the World Cup is our chance to show the world who we are and what Russia is all about. On the one hand my role has been to encourage fans in other countries to come and support their teams, their favourite players; on the other, I urged my fellow countrymen and women to open their arms to our visitors, to smile and do what they can to make their stay a memorable one for the right reasons. This is exactly what is happening now.

Football is the perfect tool for this purpose, uniting people. I’m hoping that the championship will encourage even more investment in the sport at home. Our team has already exceeded expectations.

I combine my FIFA World Cup Ambassador role with a Special Ambassador role for UNAIDS. This year they joined forces to strengthen one important message – zero discrimination. Everyone is welcome!

Q: Can you tell us a little about the special World Cup events for children?

Children are the future of football; it’s essential we invest in them now, not only to develop talent but for their health and happiness. I was in my home city Rostov-on-Don for a football tournament organized for children who weren’t even born when Russia was awarded the World Cup – this is just one example of an event designed for children. They learn fast.

Сегодня праздник, а значит время делать 🎁 подарки! Я знаю, что сегодня много желающих меня поздравить 🙏🏽и я хотела бы попросить вас отправить СМС на номер 5533 со словом ДЕТСТВО с любой удобной для вас суммой ( например: 5533 Детство 500) или на расчётный счёт, который указан в профиле мамы Никиты @semenchuknata ❤️с которым я познакомилась в родном Ростове во время футбольного турнира⚽️. Мальчик увлекается футболом, но чтобы дальше расти и развиваться ему необходима операция – он родился без одного ушка, но современная медицина может решить этот вопрос и мы с вами можем ему в этом помочь! Общими усилиями уже собрана половина суммы и я верю, что совсем скоро Ник пригласит нас на игру поболеть за него на стадионе! Отправьте столько, сколько стоит букетик цветов 💐Хочу сказать огромное спасибо ребятам из футбольного клуба #Ростов @fcrostov за то, что отозвались и принимают участие в сборе средств 💸. Мои хорошие – это лучший подарок 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽V #8марта #ВремяДобрыхДел @help.semenchuk.nikita

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Q: Which football players have visited these events?

Former Manchester United goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel was a guest at the same tournament in Rostov that I refer to above. So inspiring. Street Child World Cup is a global movement, which took place in Moscow this month and attracted support from Brazilian World Cup winner Gilberto Silva among other players.

Q: What is your favorite football team and why?

I have more than one favorite football team. I’m loyal to the national team in my home country of course but I’m a fan also of Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain – two legendary teams with enviable lineups. The atmosphere at Galatasaray and Boca Juniors’ stadiums is crazy, the fans so passionate.

Q: You have met many great football players. Do you have a favorite? Who makes you happiest and why? Is there a player you haven’t yet met but you would like to? If yes, who is it?

I have indeed had the good fortune to meet great players and to get to know them. I notice that the footballers who make it have something special in common that goes beyond pure talent, even commitment. They have charisma; I suppose they would have succeeded in whatever they put their minds to. For this reason, they are great motivators on the pitch and off and long after they retire.

Among the players, current and former who inspire me are Neymar, Gilberto Silva, and Lionel Messi, I look forward to meeting the Argentinian forward one day.

Q: After the World Cup, do you have new football related plans? If yes, can you tell us more about them?

As the saying goes (c/o Woody Allen): If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. I have lots of them, some related to the beautiful game and others to beauty. That’s all I’m prepared to say for the time being. Watch this space!

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Q: You are also known for being a successful model and a winner of Miss Russia in 2003. What has been your best experience in the model industry?

Winning Miss Russia was certainly a turning point in my life; it led to so many extraordinary experiences and opportunities. What I love most about modeling is meeting the creative people behind the pictures. It’s a privilege to work with talented designers, photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists in the fashion industry, like me – striving to make the world a more beautiful place.

Q: Are you planning anything new for your modeling career?

I have other priorities at the moment such as finishing my FIFA MBA in Sports Management. But first the World Cup! There is a lot on the horizon at the moment so we will see about modeling after.

Someone asked me: how long I can be faraway from home and if I miss my home place or not? I answered that I miss people not a place. How long you can be away from your home and from people you love? V / Мы недавно обсуждали, как долго я могу быть далеко от дома и скучаю ли? Я ответила, что скучаю не по месту, а по людям. А как долго вы можете быть далеко от дома. И когда наступает предел, что скучать уже невыносимо? Или наоборот, надоедает скучать и вы отвыкаете (не на всегда, конечно), но все же…говорят, что 2 недели – это максимальный срок, а вы как думаете? V #citizenofsuitcase

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Q: Of all your achievements: model, Ambassador for the FIFA World CUP 2018 in Russia, TV host etc, which has been most fulfilling and why?

Being allowed to kick the ball on the pitch before a match was special, I’m the second woman in history to be allowed to do so after Marilyn Monroe. The role I am most proud of to-date is surely FIFA Ambassador for the World Cup 2018 in Russia and the memory of carrying the ball onto the pitch at the opening match will remain with me forever. It has been a chance of a lifetime and one I’ve risen to because of my fervent belief in the good it can do.

If you want to know more about Victoria’s interesting career and life, don’t forget to check out her Instagram! She’s got more to show and we are sure she’s just beginning her journey. Thank you, Victoria, for answering our questions and we would love to wish you all the best. Take care!