1920 – Modern, Refined Tees For Everyday

1920 – it is not only the year that the T-shirt was officially entered into Webster’s Dictionary but also a brand that honor simplicity, form and function over unnecessary frills with a focus on shape, color, and material. The brand offers a collection of refined, elevated T-shirts for men and women. All 1 9 2 0 Tees are designed and manufactured in New York from American made Supima Cotton.

1920 Logo

Founder and Creative Director is Abby Moriarty, who has spent her career heavily steeped in the fashion industry working for some of America’s most iconic brands and traveling the world. She most recently held the position of Vice President of Design for Calvin Klein. During her time there she was able to hone in and focus her skill-set on classic American sportswear with a provocative and sensual edge.

1920 Brand image
Moriarty has always been drawn to the simple complexity of the T-shirt; how it withstands time and trends while consistently maintaining relevancy and modernity. Her travels around the world have been an inspiring influence on her career and life. Through her travels, she discovered that she naturally gravitated towards Scandinavian modernist design and 1 9 2 0 leans on the same essential principles that made some of best designs of the modernist era still relevant and widely regarded today.

1920 Founder Abby Moriatry

“My brand is influenced by certain artistic things—art, design, the craftsmanship of a modern chair. I started thinking about the pieces in my wardrobe that were most important to me, and it was t-shirts. I’ve spent my whole life going through stacks and stacks of t-shirts always looking for the best one. They’re so important! I’m always looking for the perfect shape, the perfect fit, the perfect colors. That’s what I wanted to really focus on and do. So, looking at the history of the t-shirt, you used to wear it under army uniforms—it was an undergarment. Then it started coming out in pop culture, in films with Marlon Brando and James Dean. I always really liked oversized tees, so I kind of looked at that, and was like, ‘What inspires me about design, the t-shirt has all of those elements.’

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