Bell & Ross’ WW1-92 Guynemer: Great Retro Design With Modern Mechanics

Bell & Ross occupies an interesting space in the luxury watch market. They’re not a historic marque, dating back only two decades or so, and neither are they the greatest technical innovators.

What Bell & Ross do better than almost anyone else, however, is style- especially when it comes to pilot’s watches.

From the top down, it couldn’t be more elemental: a thin rounded bezel and narrow attached wire lugs give off the air of antiquity, helped along by the broad cushion crown at three o’clock. Even the 45-millimeter size is appropriate for the era, when many timepieces were still oversized pocket watches with straps and lugs soldered on after the fact. It’s in the details, however, where Bell & Ross’ 21st-century attention to detail shines through the World War I façade.

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While Bell & Ross have built their reputation on handsome pilot’s watches, the WW1-92 Guynemer has the potential to be one of their all-time best. Digging into the earliest days of watch design for inspiration is always a challenge, but the WW1-92 Guynemer manages the feat of creating an excellent homage to the past without feeling like a dinosaur on the wrist. For those looking for a one-of-a-kind pilot look, look no further.

And the best bit? The prices start at 1 500 dollars!