Louis Vuitton and UNICEF Partner Up to Extend Humanitarian Aid

It has become a tradition of Louis Vuitton, already the third year in a row to partner up with the humanitarian organization UNICEF to raise and spread funds into regions of developing countries in need. Since the start of the collaboration back in 2016, the House of Vuitton has already raised on behalf of the organization over $5 million. This year’s campaign will, therefore, follow the accomplishments of the two previous years hopefully with as much success as the two previous campaigns.

For this special campaign, Louis Vuitton designed a collection of fluorescent bracelets in various bright colors all accessorized with an iconic LV Lockit charm the brand is so well-known for.

The silver locket charm design is inspired by a tumbler lock that was originally created and hand-crafted to protect client belongings by the founder of the brand Georges Vuitton himself, back in the 19th century. Therefore, the charm on the bracelet symbolizes protection Louis Vuitton is trying to extend to the children in need.

The bracelets from the UNICEF x LV Make A Promise campaign are now out for sale and all the raised funds will proceed to children’s aid facilitated by the organization.