Heather Ballentine Delivers a Test Run of Lamborghini Huracán Performante LP640-4

The one woman that can get you access to any of the top-notch machines is without a doubt Heather Ballentine. Heather on her YouTube channel delivers sneak peaks of the newest models of luxurious cars and her latest catch was the Lamborghini Huracán Performante LP640-4 in Grigio Titans specially delivered to one of her prominent clients.

If you are a dedicated car enthusiast then you defo must have heard about Heather before. She is the ultimate salesperson of North American luxurious car business and is known for her exquisite dealership that offers only the latest and most splendid car models that are otherwise usually extremely hard to find.

On top of managing her sales for a luxurious vehicles dealership, Heather is a proud president of her own entertainment company  Ballentine Entertainment and co-owner of WDH Productions. Heather is just overall an incredibly successful self-made businesswoman.

However, Heather’s only passions are not solely fast luxurious cars or talent management of new coming artists. Heather herself is a talented singer whose tracks made it to iTunes and she constantly works on new music. She vibes her stage look on 50’s trend of pin-up girls that looks incredibly fab on her.

Heather has a solid fanbase and social media following especially thanks to her YouTube channel where she shares sneak peaks of her work and latest luxury car models as well as interviews with other achieved persons from the car industry. Similarly, she shares some of her own personal entrepreneurial tips on how to succeed in the industry. Definitely inspo worthy!

Heather Ballentine is a clear depiction of what a strong dedicated mind can achieve and as she likes to declare, with whatever comes her way she is driven to succeed.