The Most Luxurious And Expensive Real Estate In The World: Look Inside The Villa Mount Nicholson In Hong Kong

For the second consecutive year, Hong Kong retains the status of the most demanded primary market for a luxury real estate. It was here in 2017 that two purchases were made at prices over $ 100 million for the facility (the cost of one of them was $360 million).

Hong Kong is the leader in the list of cities in the world with the highest cost of objects of urban elite real estate per one square meter. In addition, according to CIRE (Christie’s International Real Estate) partners, the time required for the sale of objects has significantly decreased. If in 2016 for the sale of one object an average of 220 days was required, in 2017 this figure was 190 days.

District Peak, Hong Kong. The area is 836 sq. M.

The villa Mount Nicholson in the prestigious Peak district has 4 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a private garden, an elevator. The house offers a picturesque view of the famous Victoria Bay. The house was sold for 1.14 billion Hong Kong dollars ($ 149 million) by Wheelock Properties to an anonymous buyer. Villa, the price per square meter which is $ 16 000, was designed by the London studio David Collins Studio.

Výsledek obrázku pro Villa Mount Nicholson

Výsledek obrázku pro Villa Mount Nicholson