Modball: A Dream Place For Those Who Like To Drive And Race During The Day And Party During The Night!

Today, we’ve got something special. If you’ve got a passion for cars and you like to party all night, this one is for you. There are many races, car meets, nightclubs and other similar places for you to enjoy the day and night, but imagine being somewhere where all of this is happening 24 hours for a whole week (if not for even longer). Meet Modball, an international driving tour that offers a great experience, adrenaline, and fun. Every year, they are taking different routes for their tours, so it’s possible that you won’t need to travel because they will come right for you.

Well, which one would you choose?

180 cars, 7 days, 7 parties and 1 race track. That’s how they described their next year’s stop in Europe. It will be madness! If you will be in the USA in October this year, be sure to check them out. Their USA stops will include cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego or Las Vegas. All of this will happen from October 25 until October 29. Oh, they are planning a tour in Australia too, but there’s nothing known about it…yet.

If you’ve got a car you would like to show to the world, Modball’s events and tours are made for you.

This is what a real car meet should look like!

If you will participate, you will not regret it, but instead, you will come home with many unforgettable experiences. Maybe you will want to relax for few days after finishing any of their tours. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with the place where to go. Modball has got their own house that they are renting and it looks AMAZING! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Modballer or non-Modballer, everyone can enjoy their time there. The house (or should I say villa?) has got 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and we must say, it’s an astonishing piece of art.

The swimming pool is a matter of course.

If you want to know more about their tours, events or other offers they’ve got for you, check out their website. The work they’ve done and are doing is definitely a great way to meet new and interesting people and to enjoy the time of our lives to the fullest!