Drake Celebrates His New Album Release at Massive Miami Bash

The IG’s Champagne Papi a.k.a the rapper Drake has after a quite long hiatus, during which he was clearly secretly working on new tracks, released his newest album Scorpion this past Friday. The album not only immediately hit the top charts but also spurred a lot of controversies, especially regarding certain media buzz Drake finally openly addressed on some of the songs from the album.


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Well, no matter what kind, publicity is always good especially when it comes to new music releases and album sales. Drake defo knows how the game works so he for sure amped the record sales on purpose. That is without a doubt a reason why he together with his pals hardcore turned up during his album release party in Miami on Friday night.

He was spotted at the popular celebrity spot 11 Miami. Drake defo deserved the elaborate celebration since the album is a must-listen-to and we already cannot get enough!