14 Restaurants, Two Michelin Stars And The Grand Prix De L’art De La Cuisine – José Avillez Is A Rock Star Of Portugal’s Gastronomy

If you find yourself in the Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, you should definitely check one of the fourteen restaurants of José Avillez.

Avillez is considered the person who brought Portuguese gastronomy into the 21st century. His name in Portugal is symbolic of innovative contemporary cuisine, which finds its inspiration in the traditions of Portugal.

“Eating must be fun, emotional and tasty. Exciting colors and textures are not enough, it’s about the taste. When creating new dishes, I think about how a blind person would taste them. As a creator, I prefer sophistication and its challenges to balance ingredients, textures, colors, and temperatures. But as a chef, I am satisfied when I prepare a delicious tomato salad with few interventions. It’s like in life: It’s important, to be honest.”

Here you can learn more about his restaurants or book yourself a nice reservation.