Lamborghini Owners Enjoyed The Fairyland-Like Views Of Chinese Region Of Xinjiang During The 2018 China Giro!

Lamborghini is planning many interesting events quite often and every time they do, it’s an unforgettable experience for those who attend. The last event the brand has organized was a bit different than others. No more car meets in the city center or dealership openings. Today, we will introduce you to Lamborghini’s incredibly great event known as the China Giro.

At this year’s China Giro, 27 beautiful Lamborghinis ventured into the depths of breathtaking Kanas Nature Reserve in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. The owners who attended this special event had an experience they will never forget there. The views they have seen were gorgeous, and we envy them a little!

What do you think is more beautiful… the cars or nature?

We introduced Urus to China this year, the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, and created a new niche in the luxury segment to meet the customers’ demand for premium products. With China Giro, we would like to fulfill and demonstrate our commitment to satisfying the Chinese market, by arranging distinctive activities which allow our guests to experience a combination of exclusive lifestyle and the view of nature,” said Francesco Scardaoni, Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini Chinese mainland, Hong Kong & Macao.

It’s so great to see Lamborghini’s effort when it comes to presenting the brand in Asia. We are already looking forward to seeing the upcoming events and if you are a happy owner of any Lamborghini’s piece of art, you should attend too!