All You Need To Know About The Wimbledon’s Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy And Ladies Singles Trophy

The Wimbledon Championships, a Grand Slam tennis tournament which has started on 25th of June and will end on 15th of July is one of the most anticipated tennis tournaments and all players and fans love it. Today, we are not going to talk about predictions, we will leave that to you. We will take a look at the rewards that are given to the winners of the singles – the trophies.

The Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy (on left) and the Ladies’ Singles Trophy are both incredible!

Achieving a trophy in a tournament as huge as this one is is a great accomplishment and it is considered to be one of the happiest moments in the career of these winners.

Last year, it was Roger Federer and Garbiñe Muguruza who had the pleasure of going home with the Gentlemen’s Singles and the Ladies’ Singles Trophy. We are looking forward to seeing this year’s winners!

Roger Federer and Garbiñe Muguruza – the last year’s Singles champions.

Anyway… the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy is made of silver gilt and the trophy is 18 inches high with a diameter of 7.5 inches. The proud champions receive a three-quarter size replica of the trophy. Around the trophy are engraved the dates and names of the previous champions. In 2009, there was no more space left to engrave the dates and names so a black plinth with an ornamented silver band was designed to accompany the trophy.

There is one thing no one understands… that’s the carving of the pineapple on the top of the cup. There are some theories about it, one saying that you have ‘achieved a certain social status’ because that’s what having a pineapple meant in the 17th century. But that’s only a theory, right?

The pineapple at the top of the trophy is an interesting detail…We wonder what’s the real meaning of it.

The Ladies’ Singles Trophy is a silver salver that was first presented in 1886 when the challenge round was introduced. The trophy is made of sterling silver and is 18.75 inches in diameter. Just like the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy, the champions receive a three-quarter size replica of the trophy that’s 14 inches high.

The last year’s Ladies’ Singles champion Garbiñe Muguruza.

The decorations on the trophy are very interesting and we don’t know about you, but we would love to hold it in our hands and look at it closely. For the demanding ones, the theme of the decorations has got a mythological meaning.

If you haven’t watched the Wimbledon yet, now is the right time for a change. Tennis is an interesting sport and for all people who haven’t found the passion for tennis, at least enjoy looking at these beautiful trophies.