Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty Is A Perfume Masterpiece

When creating and designing perfumes Clive Christian always strives for quality over quantity. Clive Christian is the world’s leading independent Perfume House who has a long-standing tradition in creating the most exquisite perfumes on the market, channeling its British heritage in every drop and scent. Imperial Majesty Perfume is, however, its so-far most luxurious and splendid product ever made.

Clive Christian back in 2006 sought to produce a perfume that would combine both a scent and design of luxury and that is pretty much how the inspiration struck the brand and it came out with the Imperial Majesty Perfume.

The scent of the perfume is by the brand’s prominent clients described as the essence and heart of the brand. The perfume’s bottle design is a depiction of a royal luxury made out of net polished crystal with an 18-carat gold collar embedded with a ve carat white diamond. The perfume itself is held only by seven private collectors and the remaining three bottles tour the world as Clive Christian’s special collection.

No other perfume can be ever compared to the Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian since it was pronounced as the most expensive but at the same time the perfume with the most luxurious scent and design.