Smartphone For 8 Million Dollars? These Are The 3 Most Expensive Cell Phones On Planet

Do you fancy to pick up a call with a phone covered with pink diamonds or made of yellow gold? If your answer is Yes! then check out the phones below and find yourself the one!

Diamond Rose iPhone 32 Gb ($8 million)

iPhone 4 diamond rose

The Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB, was come with the most expensive price. This is the world’s most Expensive phone. Because of the phone fully decorated with precious diamonds, The Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB made by Apple Company.

Let’s know About this phone features and specifications, The diamond rose came with the 3.5 inches touchscreen display with 640 by 960 pixels screen resolution The Diamond rose 32 GB screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass, Oleophobic

The Most Expensive Phone built-in memory 32 GB and 8 megapixels primary Camera with LED Flashlight and 2 megapixels secondary camera,  In this phone, runs operating system iOS 4.0.

f you’re confusing to think about this phone what is the benefits of using this phone and why it’s too expensive, listen this is a simple Apple iPhone, it doesn’t have any extra advanced features It’s works same like iPhone 4s.

Gold Sticker iPhone 3G 32 Gb ($3 Million)

supreme gold striker iPhone Expensive Phone

Here the world second most expensive phone The Gold Sticker iPhone 3G 32 GB was launched in 2009 with the latest 3G feature.

Gold sticker iPhone 3G screen display 3.5 inches with 320 By 480 pixels screen resolution the phone screen protection with Corning Gorilla Glass Oleophobic Coating.

It’s completely decorated with precious Diamond, The phone makes extra expensive attaching there is 136 Plus Diamonds, Phone navigation Home button made with 7.1 karat Diamond. Gold sticker weight is 271 grams. Now the second reason behind this phone to be expensive it’s made with Pure 22 karat Kashmir Gold.

Kings Button iPhone 3G ($2.5 Million)

IPhone 3G Kings Button

The Kings Button iPhone 3G 3rd Most expensive phone in the world. The smartphone Screen display 3.5″ inches and screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass oleophobic coating and resolution 320 × 480 pixels.

King’s button phone Body decorated with 138 precious Diamonds and Navigation home button decorated With 6.6 karats beautiful white Diamond. The king’s button iPhone battery capacity non-removable, with talk time up to 12 h (2g) and (3g) 5 h standby up to 300 h (3g).

So as you can see, the world’s most expensive smartphones are mainly for collectors, because they are so outdated. What do you think? Do they match they prize for you?