Glen Keith Chan: An Open-Minded Entrepreneur Who Made His First Million While Studying At The University!

Remember this name: Glen Keith Chan. You may not know him, but believe me that after reading this article you will never forget him., because this young man is basically a living definition of success.

Born and living in the world’s most expensive city, Singapore, this 29 years old man knows how to do business and how to be good at it. He’s running the family business of yachting and he is also a partner and director in analytics company. Other than that, Glen is enjoying life to the fullest.

This is what Glen’s job looks like.
Pretty amazing, right?

During his student times, Glen visited Singapore Management University and he graduated with honors in Economics. He wasn’t the kind of student who just prepares himself for the next day of school. No, he was different. Somewhere between the age of 23 to 25 years old, he managed to make his first million. How many people can say that about themselves? Almost none.

And he’s not stopping there. Glen is the kind of man who’s going towards his dreams and goals.

Thanks to his hard work, he can now do his business and enjoy the life at the same time. You’re now asking how is such a man enjoying his life, right?

In his free time, he’s attending car meets…
… sometimes he’s going out to drive a formula…I mean, why not?

Well, cars are something that he doesn’t just like… he loves them! And he’s got a lot of them. One of Glen’s most favorite car brand is Porsche, but he can be also seen in a Bentley, Ferrari or Lamborghini.

He owns ‘just a few’ cars…

Actually, the first car he owned was a Porsche 968. He used to drive this beauty when he was a student at 22 years old.

Glen’s Porsche 968

If a man’s got a luxury car, luxury watches are a must be and Glen is not an exception. His interest in watches developed when he saw the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari. Of course, he bought them!

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari

If you are the type of person who is considered a fashion police, don’t worry, you’re not going to dislike Glen’s style. He definitely knows what to wear and he indulges in subtle high fashion. Bvlgari, LV or Versace are just a few high-end brands you’ll find on him.

That’s a lot of living, right? When he’s not driving a brand new Porsche or traveling around the world, he is attending many social events such as fashion shows, grand openings, product launches, and many more… Glen can also be seen on prestige magazines such as Prestige Magazine, Senatus, Esquire.

He and his girlfriend are invited to many exclusive events.

We’ve asked Glen to tell us the quote he likes the most. One of them was: “Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.” That will definitely help you achieve what you want! You just got to do what it says to do.

Glen Keith Chan is an open-minded man who achieved what he wanted by working hard. That’s what we all should do, shouldn’t we?