First Look At The Brand New Dior Dior Dior High Jewelry by Victoire de Castellane

Each year, starting 1998, De Castellane creates a High Jewelry collection and at least one Fine Jewelry collection for Dior Joallierie. This year she brings the brand new Dior Dior Dior collection to life and says:

“The Diamonds and precious stones should give the impression of being sewn on the weft of each jewel”.

The new collection evokes the idea of lace as jewelry in compellingly airy creations glittering with delicate placements of precious stones.

De Castellane gets inspired by floral and natural motifs, as well as a global mix of pop culture, such as Technicolor, Alice in Wonderland, Manga characters, the Brothers Grimm, Walt Disney Pictures, Venus Flytraps, Bassett’s Liquorice allsorts, the visual excesses of Bollywood and the darkest depths of the subconscious.

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In 2015 de Castellane received the Visionaries Award by the Museum of Arts and Design of New York. Recently, in Paris, Dior have had an exhibition of a wonderful selection of high jewelry pieces, meaning 222 sublime jewels, including the brand-new collection “Dior Dior Dior” by Victoire.

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I wanted to find the sensation of air lightness and the haute couture design of lace that belongs, like ribbon, silk and draperies, to Dior abecedary”, Victoire de Castellane explains.

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