A Brand New Nissan GT-R50 By Italdesign Is Combining Japanese Performance With Italian Craftsmanship!

Nissan’s GT-R family is often the favorite pick for the car lovers. It carries a nickname “Godzilla” and everyone who’s seen it on road knows exactly why people gave it such a nickname. The newest GT-R that was unveiled in 2007 is the best creation Nissan could have ever made. With the design that people can’t overlook and the performance that tears the asphalt, it can be without a doubt considered as one of the best cars ever made. But Nissan decided that they are not stopping yet. A few days ago, they revealed a concept of a brand new GT-R. It’s called GT-R50 and believe me when I say it’s a piece of art.

Showing off Japanese performance is a great way to attract people, but the design is an important part of the production as well. That’s why the new GT-R50 is designed by an Italian design and engineering company, Italdesign.

The GT-R50 will offer a great amount of power. With the help from the in-house tuning division of Nissan, NISMO, the car will offer the owner a powerful hand-assembled 3.8-litre V6 engine that will produce an estimated 710 HP and 780 Nm of torque. Bilstein’s revised suspension and upgraded Brembo braking system will help the owners to control such a power.

With an estimated starting price of €900,000, this beautiful machine will be rarely seen on the roads. But if you will see it, you will be one of the few. We are looking forward to knowing more about the upcoming Godzilla and we can’t wait to see it on a circuit!