LeBron James Is Changing Teams For The Third Time! He’s Joining L.A. Lakers Hoping He Will Bring Them Success

LeBron James, one of the world’s most popular basketball players has made a huge change in his career. For the third time during his 15 years long career, he decided to change the team. His time at Cleveland Cavaliers is over now and he can now bring success to another team – Los Angeles Lakers. The news astounded the basketball world and many people even dropped a tear or two. After all, LeBron is not just an ordinary player and when such a talent as he is transfers to another team, it’s a big shock for people. But we are sure he’ll do great!

LeBron signed a four years long contract that’s worth of $154 million, which is more than a lot. But let’s be honest, many people would give even more for someone like LeBron, wouldn’t they?

We’re sure he will do a great job on his new team!

This is the second time that LeBron left his hometown team as a free agent and his agent didn’t leave us without any comment.

It was basically about what he wanted to do and what made him happy. And he earned that being in his 16th season. You don’t have athletes in their 16th season be the No. 1 free agent. People say, ‘Well, it’s about movies, it’s about this…’ It’s LeBron James. He’s already a global entity, so it wasn’t necessarily about that,” LeBron’s agent Rich Paul said.

LeBron’s agent Rich Paul.

Of course, LeBron didn’t leave the team without any ‘thank you’. He thanked his home area in an Instagram story. In a text overlaying a photo from the Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA title victory parade, he wrote: “Thank you Northeast Ohio for an incredible 4 seasons. This will always be home.

He will never forget the 4 last seasons he played for the Cavs and the Cavs will never forget about him.

We wish LeBron a great season with his new team and we can’t wait to see what he’ll show us. It’s a matter of course that he will bring success to his new team!