Sarah Paulson is Without a Doubt Prada at Heart

After seeing the outfits, actress Sarah Paulson sported at the latest premieres of her newly released movie Ocean’s 8 (btw ultimate cliffhanger), it was quite obvious who her favorite and go-to designer is. The classic Italian elegance combined with a hint of extravagance could not have been designed by anyone else than the fashion house of Prada.

Ocean’s 8

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Sarah in an exclusive interview with American Vogue revealed that Prada has been always one of her top designer picks.

I read every fashion magazine and I always remember that triangle logo, the satin pouches, and how Prada communicated to me a certain style but also elegance. There was something about Prada—I love that you can identify a Prada coat, you don’t need the emblem on it, you can tell by the cut. The same with their dresses and their shoes.

That is also the main reason why Sarah waved and agreed to make an appearance in Prada’s latest released short film campaign featuring the Fall / Winter 2018 collection. The short clip directed by Willy Vanderperre showcases the neon-inspired 90’s vibe collection placed into the set of the Las Vegas Strip. Sarah looks fab in pretty much whatever but her Prada collab is just to die for, see for yourself.