After A Tough Fight, France Won The 2018 FIFA World Cup! Croatia Did Great At This Year’s World Cup And They Will Come Back Even Stronger

The 2018 FIFA World Cup that took place in Russia is at its end. The tournament was full of surprises and breath-taking matches. Many teams which were not considered as favorites fought hard and got very far while those who were considered “the best” went home among the first ones. The last match of this year’s World Cup happened yesterday and the whole world was watching. France and Croatia met in the finals and their main objective was to score enough goals to win.

Both of the teams deserved the cup but only one could win and that was France. After the long 90 minutes, the match ended 4:2 for France and if you’ve been watching, you know how happy they were.

The first goal happened only 18 minutes after the start of the game and it was an unfortunate own goal of Croatian football player Mario Mandzukic. Only 10 minutes after the first goal, Croatia tied the game thanks to Perisic’s shot. After another 10 minutes, the world’s elite football player Antoine Griezmann changed the score to 2:1 thanks to his precise penalty shot. During the second half-time, Pogba and Mbappe each scored one goal making the score of the game 4:1. In 69. minute of the finals, Mandzukic helped the Croatian team by scoring and lowering their loss to only 2 goals, but the remaining time was not long enough for Croatia to “get back to the game”.

Kylian Mbappé is only 19 years old and he is a part of the team that won the World Cup. Wow!

The six-goal match between the France and Croatia was great to watch and even though Croatia lost, they won. This was the first time they’ve played in the finals and the first time they went home with the silver. Croatian team played an astonishing tournament and even if they’re currently disappointed for not winning the finals, they should be happy for ending the World Cup as runners-up. Croatia won many people’s hearts and we are sure that in 2022, they will come back even stronger!

Players and fans of Croatia shouldn’t be disappointed. They have achieved more than anyone thought they could and thanks to their play, they’ve won many hearts.

France national football team secured their second “Champions” title thanks to their amazing teamwork and play they’ve shown us this year. The first time they won the World Cup was in 1998 and now, after 20 years they’ve repeated the success!

The whole ONN team would like to congratulate both France and Croatia for their great performances. We loved watching all of your games and we wish you great success in the next World Cups! You both truly deserved to play in the finals and we are sure we will see you there again in 2022.