Check Out The Video Tour Of The Rossinavi’s Utopia IV, A 63 Meters Long Superyacht Worth Of $50 Million!

Becoming rich is a tough and long journey and only a few people end up being successful. If someone becomes a millionaire or even better, a billionaire, he or she can afford many expensive and luxurious things from a Lamborghini to a superyacht. JR and Loren Ridinger are one of those who ended up being successful and they are the proud owners of a superyacht that’s worth of $50 million.

Rossinavi’s new Utopia IV is 63 meters long superyacht that was delivered just last month. For Ridingers, Utopia IV is a family boat built with love and we are sure they are taking a good care of it. The yacht offers a lot of space for the guests, even if those guests are children. A playroom is a matter of course when it comes to children and for those who are a bit older, there is a main-deck saloon with a bar, a Jacuzzi and a lot more rooms and things to enjoy while sailing.

The yacht’s power comes from four 2,600 HP MTU M96L engines, coupled with Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets. Thanks to this, the top speed of this beauty is 28 knots out on the open water.

The Ridingers made a video in which they showed us what the superyacht looks like from the inside. Check out the video tour to see an astonishing Italian work which could also be called “a piece of art”.

The Utopia IV is a beautiful superyacht and believe me when I say it’s not the last great work by Rossinavi. The brand’s another project called Project FR036 should be completed before the end of this year and it’s definitely something we are looking forward to!