Roger Federer Foundation

In 2003, Roger Federer, Number 1 among the tennis players, established the Roger Federer Foundation to enable children from Southern Africa access to quality education. The Foundation also supports educational projects in Switzerland, where Roger originally comes from. Level of education is not the same in both locations, that is why in Africa the programmes focus on the improvement of the quality of early learning and basic education and in Switzerland on the promotion of extra-curricular activities for children living in poverty.

Roger Federer believes in the strong value of education. He is aware of education in crisis, mainly in Africa. He considers education a fundamental human right and he supposes that education reduces poverty, improves health (well-educated people are better informed about hygiene and diseases), promotes tolerance, understanding, and social responsibility.

Roger Federer Foundation has been helping children for more than 12 years and on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, it has set itself a goal to reach one million children by 2018. We would like to thank Roger Federer Foundation, its all team, people involve in helping and especially founder of the Foundation Roger Federer! Thank you for making the world a better place for children with the financially disadvantaged background.