The Theme of American Horror Story Season 8 is Revealed

The success of the American Horror Story TV series does not have to be justified. The creative mastermind behind the show, director Ryan Murphy has once again come up with a new theme and concept for the show’s 8th season after it was announced back in Spring of this year that there was yet another renewal on the way.

The AHS reps took to Twitter and Instagram to reveal the title and theme of the prepared upcoming season. The two posted images showcase a baby covered in a blood-like fluid while being poked and teased by a demonic hand. The title on the promo images carries the name Apocalypse.

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*SPOILER* even though it has not been officially confirmed, fans of the show had brought up speculations about the baby on the promo images being the demon baby born on the first season of the show, the Murder House. Ryan Murphy is known for adoring to connect the plotlines of the several previous seasons, so, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see until more hints will be revealed.

The official premiere date of the new season is set for September 12th of this year.