Meet Ricardo Teixeira: A Succesful Formula 1 Driver Who Learned How To Drive When He Was 8 Years Old

We have a great pleasure to introduce you fantastic Formula 1 racing driver Ricardo Teixeira. Here you can read about his life, career, hobbies and even his balanced diet that keeps him on such a good track. Enjoy!

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Q: How old were you when you started driving?

I’ve started very young at age of 8, like most of the professional racing drivers I’ve started from Karting, I think like every other sport it’s easier when you start developing from very young and I was really fortunate to have parents that allowed me to do it and to pursue my dream.

Q: We think that everyone loves formula racing, was it always your dream to become an F1 driver?

Yes since I started racing I had the dream to reach Formula 1, and then during the years I’ve raced and every step I made forward in categories into Formula 1 the dream start to become an obsession and a goal to reach.

Q: What are your greatest achievements in your career?

Well, I could speak about races that I have won during my career but I have to say that my biggest achievement is actually getting into Formula 1. Reaching the top level, the pinnacle of motorsport. And being the first racing driver with Angolan nationality getting into F1 gave a special flavor. With this, I hope I could pass the message to youngsters in Angola that don’t matter the background or the nationality all the dreams can be fulfilled if you really fight for it.

Q: What is it about the Formula 1 that you love the most?

Everything really, The rush, the technology, the politics, the environment, the history, the competitive environment, for me its the best sport in the world (laughter).

Q: You recently quit F1 racing. What do you do now?

I have kept myself busy and I keep attending several Formula 1 races, it’s very important to keep the contacts. Racing-wise I have done few races with Jackie Chan DC Team in the Chinese LMP Endurance Championship, also I’m involved in the first electric GT championship (EGT) that is suppose to start around October this year and I’m really excited about that. I am doing racing instruction for a racing team (SPV team), track instruction for the Mclaren Automotive events, Car Development for Jaguar Automotive and events for several Car Manufacturers. At the moment always traveling around.

Q: How do you prepare for the race?

In preparation for the race weekend, it’s very important every time there’s no testing to prepare physically and mentally. It’s a very physical body and mental sport. So I spend hours doing a workout in the gym or long runs or cycling outdoors. Mentally I prepare by doing brain reactions exercises, watching vídeos onboard and doing simulator work with the team. On the race weekend, it is important to be relaxed and well hydrated. lots of stretches and good warm-up exercises before getting into the car to wake up the full body and focus.

Q: How does your day-off look like? What do you do to relax?

It’s funny because I like to do sports to relax to, so I play soccer or tennis or even surfing with friends. I take the chance to spend time with my dogs and go for a walk with them to the beach. be with my friends, cinema and I really like to read. Even on my day off, I keep a lean lifestyle.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Don’t think much about that but I would like to help youngsters in this sport to improve so they can have a good opportunity to fill their goals, also I want to keep pushing forward with life gives me and create some other new opportunities, I’m always looking for new things that challenge me.

Q: Judging from your Instagram, you are a lover of other sports too, what are your favorite ones?

Yes, I am, well I don’t have a favorite but I like everything related to nature and outdoor sport. I do a lot of Tenis and soccer with friends. Sports are really good to keep the competitive side even if I’m just playing for fun I don’t like to lose.

Q: Do you lead some kind of healthy lifestyle or diet, that keeps you in such a good shape?

Yes, I’m very careful with my health, I don’t eat sugar or put sugar (any type) in coffee or tea for example. I don’t drink alcohol or soda and very careful with calories. The diet is the most important thing for a balanced body and mind. I so used to it now and it’s so automatic that I don’t crave for cheat meals.

Q: What kind of advice would you give to your younger self?

Well, I would give so many, but the mistakes that I have done its part of my growing and my journey it took me to where I am now so no regrets and wouldn’t change a thing.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Probably doing exactly the same thing but just better and bigger.