J.Lo’s Trainer Reveals the Secret Behind Her Goddess Body

One thing is certain, Jennifer Lopez can without a doubt put to the ground girls half of her age. If you do not believe us see for yourself, the latest pic the famous latina posted is from her 49th (whaaaat) birthday vacay with pals, the twins and boo Alex Rodriguez.

Current birthday situation… yup

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Not sure about you but we just cannot get over the bangin’ bod and at least up until now, we have been longingly wondering how does she stay in such an amazing shape?! Thankfully, her longterm personal trainer  David Kirsch came to our rescue when interviewed by US Magazine and spilled some deets on how does J.Lo maintain her goddess body.

There is no rest, there is no, we’ll grab a quick breath chatting in between, but that’s how we do it. Her workouts are very high energy and there is a lot of movement.

We’re doing a lot of planks, side planks and we do this medicine ball toss while holding a lunge so we’re monopolizing the room.

So if you were hoping for a quick and easy weight loss trick we must disappoint you, it is all about hard work and dedication. That is why Jennifer is a true role model for all of us.

Adding some additional fitness inspo for your summer body goals and motivation *wink*.