Watch DJ Khaled Reunition With Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavo In ‘No Brainer!

DJ Khaled, Justin BieberChance the Rapper and Quavo have reunited for a song “No Brainer.” The foursome previously worked together on the Number One single “I’m the One.”

Now the official video is out with Dj Khaled yelling his catchphrases from a director’s chair. Bieber sings the chorus on a green screen set surrounded by palm trees and a Hollywood-sign that says “WE THE BEST.” The camera pans to Quavo in a mansion where he is painting a portrait of a woman who stands in the center of the room wearing a luxurious outfit. Chance has the second verse, and he teeters between the same set as Bieber and a Gatsby-esque party scene. 

“No Brainer” will be featured on DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Father of Asahd. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Khaled confirmed that there will be 11 songs for his 11th album.

“Basically, if I can’t get what I want and get a sound and produce the vibe I want, then it got to stick to it until I get it right. I’m not trying just to turn the album in. I want to make this the album,” said DJ Khaled. 

Thank you @willsmith !!! #NOBRAINER 🚫🧠 available everywhere #repost vibe

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The Song ‘No Brainer’ reaches its popularity – DJ Klahed reposted Will Smith ‘ s Instagram post mentioning the summer vibe song as his #1 on iTunes.