Innovative technology, expert fine craftsmanship and style. That’s Buben&Zorweg. If you are a watch lover and you want to keep your treasured possessions safe, you will definitely want at least one of their works.

If you’ve never heard of them, let me tell you a little bit of history.

Buben&Zorweg is a company of which owners are two best friends, Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg. Their dream was to travel the world and conquering it in their own unique style. Inspired by a trip to Australia, they began selling Australian opals to the jewellery trade. They did all this while being teens who were at university. They launched the company while still being the students, specialising in luxuriously crafted watch winders. In 2004, Christian’s brother Daniel Zörweg joined the cause and became a shareholder of the brand.

Today, Buben&Zorweg is an empire with a manufactory in the Germany. With their unique design and cutting edge technology their works are to showcase watches, jewellery and collectibles. It doesn’t matter if you own a residence, yacht or a palace, they blend in every royal settings.

You really should check them out because their works are one of the best ones. We wish Buben&Zorweg even more success than they have right now, because they deserve it.