Welcome To The Future! New App Will Recommend Clothes Based On Your Music Taste

“Tell me what music you listen to, I will tell you what to wear” – that is how the clothing brand Eison Triple Thread thinks men will be drawn to their favorite artists’  style.

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Julian Eison, a Bay Area native, was always interested in the impact of self-presentation. Streetwear birthed his style sensibilities which have since transformed into the full spectrum of fashion.  After turning his garage into a tailoring workshop in 2013, he began to study and tinker with menswear with a question in mind, “What if?” What if he could build a luxury lifestyle brand that focused on made-to-measure, exceptional quality, using deep personal preference to reimagine the way men approached, interpreted and consumed clothing.

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Now, the custom luxury menswear company is debuting an app that will recommend clothes from its collection based on users’ Spotify data.

“It’s a unique take on the recommendation engine that everybody else is using because you can infer a lot from people’s music choices,” Eison tells Racked. “We start with Spotify information to understand the emotions behind your style choice, and we’ll eventually get the looks that fit you best.”

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And how does it work? Once users download the app, called FITS, they log in to their Spotify account, which gives ETT their listening data, since Spotify’s API is open for developers. They are then prompted to take a lifestyle quiz, which will provide the company with information like what type of field they work in as well as their skin color. Eison says these types of information are important because “we can’t recommend you a suit if you work in a creative field, and we know different colors look better on different skin tones.”

A smarter wardrobing experience

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