Audi’s Newest And Probably Fastest Project Ever: Audi PB-18 e-Tron

Audi is ready to astound the world with their new supercar concept that is supposed to be a great competition for Bugatti’s track-special supercar Divo and Lamborghini’s Nürburgring-conquering Aventador SVJ!

The project is called the PB-18 e-Tron and from the teaser photo, we must say it looks like a beast. PB-18 will be provided with a technology inspired by Le Mans-winning R18 e-Tron. We are very curious about what will the supercar offer.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much power will the PB-18 have or how will the car look, but we know one thing you definitely want to hear. The concept will be revealed on the Laguna Seca Raceway on 23rd of August.

We cannot wait to see this beast on a circuit! Stay tuned, we will let you know as soon as we will know more about Audi’s newest concept.