Get To Know HBO’s Sharp Objects Actor Taylor John Smith!

HBO’s Sharp Objects is a brand new American television series which is in the world for only a month. Even though it’s a new show, the fanbase is growing fast and we don’t wonder why. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should because of the story it offers and many great actors who are playing in the series.

One of those actors is Taylor John Smith, who is playing a role of John Keene. Taylor John Smith is a young 23 years old actor who’s been in the film industry since 2012. He’s most known for appearing in season two of American Crime, but believe me when I say his current role will make him even more known to the world.

Taylor has never thought he would get the role, but sometimes, the things we doubt the most are the ones which may be the most real ones.

“I didn’t fit the mold for the character at all. When I went in to audition, there were five or so other guys there and I didn’t look anything like them. I was like, ‘Am I in the wrong room?’ Turned out, it was the right room. Right after I finished reading the scene, Jean-Marc said, ‘Can you shave your head?’ I was like, ‘Do you have a razor?’, Taylor said in an interview for InStyle.

For the director of the series, Jean-Marc Vallée, Taylor was the right actor for the role.

We wish Taylor a lot of success, we are sure he will achieve a lot in the upcoming years of his career. Oh, don’t forget to check out Sharp Objects, it really is worth it!