Freshly Released Astroworld by Travis Scott Is Already Breaking Music Charts

The Houston based rapper Travis Scott had without any prior heads-up released his highly anticipated album Astroworld this past Friday. The album launch has immediately sparked a huge media frenzy and Astroworld has been trending on charts ever since. Travis is at the moment touring around the US to promote the new album.

Astroworld out now

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The inspiration for the naming of the album lays in Travis’ childhood memory of an amusement park he used to visit. The amusement park is the now-closed Astroworld park in Texas. Similarly, the whole visual of the album cover, as well as the main theme of Travis’ upcoming tour, holds the concept of an amusement park.

Big ring

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The album cover that Travis unveiled a day before the official album release features two official versions shot by the legendary photographer and artist David LaChapelle. LaChapelle is known for his creative mastermind that he undoubtedly put into work when creating the head cover for Astroworld.

Each of the cover versions depicts a golden sculpture of Travis’ head in an abandoned theme park. However, one version showcases a child-friendly daylight scenery whereas the other portrays an after-dark and after-hours visual of the same amusement park.

ASTROWORLD 8/3/18 @david_lachapelle

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Astroworld 8/3 @david_lachapelle

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The album features 17 tracks, including the album’s lead single Butterfly Effect that Travis debuted back in May during his Bird’s Eye View album tour. The follow-up music video of the same single was then released in June.

Numerous songs on the album mention and explicitly refer to his girlfriend and baby mamma Kylie Jenner and their 6-months-old daughter Stormi, namely tracks Stargazing and Coffee Bean.

The album is now officially available on several streaming sites such as iTunes or Spotify. We have been tuning to Astroworld on repeat and so far must admit that Travis defo hit it off well with this one.