Porsche Has Prepared Something Special For Theirs 70th Birthday! Meet One-Off 911 Called “Project Gold”

Every time a special one-of-a-kind car is announced, it’s a huge and great news for all car lovers all around the world. Well, a car like that has just been announced by a German world’s known car manufacturer, Porsche. For Porsche’s 70th birthday, there is something special prepared. An extremely special project called “Project Gold” – that’s what we can look forward to.

You want to know more about the project, we know, but unfortunately, there’s not been many things revealed about it. The brand is keeping it a secret, but we are going to tell you all we know.

Imagine a classic car being restored with modern components and the newest technology. Well, that’s what Project Gold is about. Porsche will make one-off 911 that will (according to the brand) look like a brand new car.

Porsche has released a few teasers thanks to which we know that the build started with a classic body of 911 and continued to be upgraded to become the one and only, Project Gold.

If you’re asking about the technical specs, they are not available yet, but you won’t need to wait a long time. Why? Because the Project Gold is set to be debuted on August 24 during the Rennsport Reunion in northern California. That’s going to happen very soon, so if you’ve got nothing to do then, you know where to go.