The Construction Of Silent Yachts’ 100% Solar-Powered Catamaran Silent 79 Cruiser Has Begun!

Solar powered yachts were once just a dream, but in today’s world, it’s real. Technology is getting better every day and all we can do about it is be amazed by it. Silent Yachts has just announced that they have begun the construction of their 100% solar-powered catamaran. The catamaran will be delivered in March 2020 and it is being built by Consorzio Navale in Italy.

The catamaran called Silent 79 Cruiser is 24 meters long and I was not joking when I said it’s 100% solar powered. The solar power is being captured with the help of the extensive flybridge paneling.

The 79 Cruiser concept was designed by Michael Köhler, a man who also designed yachts like Solarwave 46, Silent 55, etc. The interior and exterior were designed by Too Design design studio’s Marco Casali.

Two electric 80kW engines with a battery capacity of 200kWh will power the 79 Cruiser and because it’s a solar-powered yacht, the owner won’t need to worry about cruising range – it will be UNLIMITED.

It will be able to accommodate a maximum of 10 guests across five cabins. The owner will have his own front cabin which will feature a walk-in office with a desk, locker storage, and a large mirror.

We are looking forward to seeing this beauty live and we can’t wait for it!