These Are The Five Most Valuable Art Collections In The World (And The Men Who Own It)

Throughout history, the passion for art has manifested itself prominently among those who possess great fortunes. Today the 5 most valuable private collections of art in the world total a total of 11 billion dollars.

As Jules de Goncourt said, “what perhaps makes more sense than anything else in the world, is a painting in a museum.” Art has to be shared, and thanks to the generosity of its owners, these private collections can be seen in museums and art galleries to the delight of the public.

Beyond the economic value that can have the great number of works that among the 5 possess, the subjectivity of the art and the intrinsic history that it carries makes that any work has a sentimental value many times superior to the economy turning it into a true jewel.

1. David and Ezra Nahmad – 3 billion dollars

These two brothers have the most valuable art collection in the world. Despite not being lovers of art itself, since they are truly dedicated to buying and selling works in auctions, their collection counts, among other works of art, with around 300 Picassos estimated at 1 trillion dollars.

2. David Geffen – 2.3 billion dollars

David Geffen, co-founder of Dreamworks, as well as an art collector is a philanthropist of this discipline. His collection is centered on mid-century works of art and the artist that stands out is Jackson Pollock.

3. Eli Broad – 2.2 billion dollars

He and his wife opened the doors of the Museum of Art CONTEMPORA neo “The Broad” in Los Angeles. The foundation created by Broad supervises and manages the 5,000 works that make up the collection. Of these works, 2,000 can be enjoyed for free in the museum.

4. Philip Niarchos – 2.2 billion dollars

Most of the Niarchos collection was purchased from the actor Edward Robinson in 1957 for a value of 3 million dollars. Over the years, the number of works of art that form it has been increasing and, currently, is the most important collection of Van Gogh that exists in the world.

5. Francois Pinault – 1.4 billion dollars

Pinault has a foundation, Palazzo Grassi and Punta Della Dogana’s, whose main objective is to foster interest in this discipline through the teaching of keys to understanding the language of art. In addition, though it gives visibility to its collection with the loan of the same to museums and galleries around the world.