5 Essential Restaurants In The City That Never Sleeps

If you are in New York and hungry – no matter what part of the day – here you have 5 essentials New York restaurants that will serve you the best food in the summer days.

  1. Le Coucou

Restaurateur Stephen Starr and chef Daniel Rose take cues from traditional French restaurants, transforming their place into one of the most exciting upscale restaurants in New York. The menu is obvious in its luxuries: Lobster, foie gras, and oysters all make appearances. Also look for dishes like the caviar course and the halibut beurre blanc. For dessert, do not miss the omelet Norvegienne, essentially a baked Alaska.

Where: 138 Lafayette St, New York

Související obrázek

Související obrázek

2. Uncle Boons

This Nolita lounge is still turning out some of the city’s most captivating Thai fare, courtesy of Per Se alums Ann Redding and Matt Danzer. Look for dishes like green curry snails, wood-fired yellowtail collar, a spicy lamb laab, or a savory crab fried rice.

Where: 7 Spring St, New York

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Výsledek obrázku pro Uncle Boons new york food

3. Superiority Burger

Brooks Headley’s tiny East Village cafe is so much more than a veggie burger spot. It’s one of the best restaurants in Lower Manhattan, because he’s shopping for the finest ingredients and offering the same vegetables served at a fine-dining spot for a far more affordable price (most dishes are under $6).

Where: 430 E 9th St, New York

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Výsledek obrázku pro Superiority Burger new york food

4. The Grill

This historic Four Seasons space will be worth visiting for the stunning room alone. but on its menu, there are definitely meals that deserve your attention as well as the prime rib, pheasant Claiborne, and pasta a la Presse, a dish where the server first comes to the table to dramatically squeeze the juice out of duck bones using an antique press.

Where: 99 E 52nd St, New York

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Výsledek obrázku pro The Grill new york food

5. Lilia

At this hip restaurant, Chef Missy Robbins serves an inventive and highly-personal style of Italian cuisine. At the Menu, you will find such standouts as veal steak, the cacio e pepe fritters, and the mafaldine pasta with pink peppercorns.

Where: 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn

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Výsledek obrázku pro lilia new york food

Bon Appetit!